Leaders ” Know Your Business, Know your People”

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Leaders ” Know Your Business, Know your People”

People always want to be known. Known in the way that all people want. To be known by friends and family who they are. Where they come from. What makes them tick. How their life is going.

When People feel anonymous in the eyes of their managers or bosses, they simply cannot love their work, no matter how much money they make or how wonderful their jobs seems to be. But when they are known, they work harder, promote the company enthusiastically, recruit other good people to the organization, and makes sacrifices for customers. All of which is more effective marketing campaign will ever be.




If you ever given to ask some Managers or Bosses here is some of the best question to ask.

  1. What/how many largest numbers of directs reports they’ve lead?  (list all employees by name)

– pick one and asked

 2.What’s going to his/her. life while managing his/her. If you are getting a generic answer he/she probably on a thick ice.  


In the executive company, knowing employees is an inviolable requirements to all managers. It’s a hard hitting reminder how rare it is that managers truly care about their workers.







Given a example.

In a basketball team. The team has just traded for a famous, wildly talented, but troubled young player. Coach is taking a dinner with the new player to know him better. In this case some player or athlete can’t focus in a game if they are having a problems. See how many good players looses a game because of some issues in their personal lives.  


When leaders throughout the organization  take an active, genuine interest in the people they manage, when they invest real time to understand employees at a fundamental level, they create a climate for greater morale, loyalty and growth.





“Leadership is about winning hearts and minds and consistently calling employees up to greatness by insisting or investing in growth or development”


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