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What is GCash?

GCash is an internationally-acclaimed micro payment service which transforms a mobile phone into a virtual wallet for secure, fast, and convenient money transfers at the speed and cost of a text message.

GCash is a service for Globe & TM customers which allows you to do the following using your mobile phone:

  • Send& receive money to & from another Globe/TM mobile phone anytime & anywhere
  • Buy Prepaid load with an instant 10% rebate
  • Make purchases at GCash partner establishments
  • Pay bills, purchase games, make donations, etc.

You can conveniently do all of these anytime, anywhere just by texting! You can also save on Prepaid load because of the instant 10% rebate when you buy load using GCash.

Globe Gcash

How do I start using GCash?


 using your Globe mobile

  1.  Dial *143# for FREE using your Globe mobile
    GCash : Dial
  2.    Look for “GCash”
    Look for GCash


  3. Click “Register”
    Click Register


  4.   Four digit GCash PIN
    4 digit GCash PIN
  5. First Name
    GCash FirstName
  6. Last Name
    GCash LastName
  7. Email address(If no Email Enter 0)
    GCash Email address
  8. Confirm if Email is correct
    GCash Confirm if Email is correct
  9. Confirmation  of registration
    GCash registration confirmation
  10. Once done, wait for the confirmation message that will be sent to your Globe phone.
    GCash registration done

GCash App

for iOS, Android, BlackBerry


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