Easy earn money , online jobs !!! Is It really working

Easy earn money , online jobs !!!


First of all need to say is it easy to do it ? 

in my opinion its not easy to earn online, because i have been looking for so many time and i have been trying so many kind of online jobs but the result was no its not easy.

In Most case we face SCAM or not easy as we guessed , i may name you so many jobs and ways to earn i would tell you reasons why it become like this  :

1-Online Survey Jobs

Its really hard to find a nice website for doing this kind of job and when you find some they may not accept your survey because you are not on time or from information you give and … or else then they ban your account that look like they are just looking for people to make free traffic the website  one free survey, maybe you can find a good one and if you are good at it would be nice, but still its not easy . if there are good surveys for you like some good websites, you may earn 2$ for each survey you need put almost 20 minute for them .

2-Simple Ad Clicking Jobs

For sure (my experience ) most of them are SCAM there is some websites they are not scam but the earning for each is not enough as time you work on it, let me example, each click ads you need stay on page 8 second and they just pay on most case pay 0.001$ (60%) to 0.008$(35%)if you are lucky maybe one would be 0.01$(5%) ( all in USD) then how many ads they need to give you to earn 1$ maybe more than 500 even they provide 700 ads for one person, but with long process of referrals you can make it more possible to earn good , this still take time and little risky , in this case you not put much time and money to be worry . you can try to click little everyday.

4-Online Blogging

I can say about blogging online, its like investment, you need really put your time on it or you may have money for first to boost it (social media ads), even these days so many blogs come up with same titles same things, you need little be more active and unique, for blog things is important that always keep on posting new articles and news and feeds ,should not stop it and heaving good SEO way. you may start just on blogger website that no need also make new website for other cost. it still not easy but this is your investment in blog business.


5-Online Data Entry Jobs

this is not always available job, even some website provide this job and it has so many complicated step you may be confused . but if you trying find in freelance websites i think should be harder, they really give so many jobs for a cheap price you would be really hard to do it and find one.


6-Amazon Online Jobs

There is good opportunities there but problems is they are not all worldwide so many people just in US would be joining to the most of them, and there is not enough jobs for all of us, would be maybe long time you find your job there . you can try it out but for me not worked.


7-Online Tutoring Jobs

This job may be good for the people who has good skills on somethings and they can teach it online, like English, Music, Art, programming, but its not guarantee the websites are for help people to connect will give you a job,  you may better do your own advertisement  for work and your own skills.


8-Fiverr – Freelancer- Upwork

You may have good talent i would tell you if you do have, do not go on that kind of site you may not even be awarded or get even one communication,  there are so many people bring down the price of jobs and projects, they would do the job with low quality. and other one the website, you share like GIG like you offer your talent and projects can do, they are so many people also there has projects if you need to be seen they still ask you to pay money that unfair by me, because  paying money for low cost project before you even not have any project. if you have any other experience  someone new get projects early in register i would be shocked, anyway you can try it out. for me i just  quit . 


9-Online Transcription Jobs

it would be good if you find somewhere easily give you job maybe iwriter.com website is the best i never try it but the other sites not really good. if you already tried let me know and we share with others.


10-Buy & Sell 

For sure you need little experience on buying and selling stuff , you need to try by buying some stuff from ebay and other sites maybe cheaper or offer later sell on more price, you need little background and skills but its possible.

you can also resell online products like Antivirus, hosts, domains and other kind of licence . there are so many things you may do and you can have benefit on them but you may research before doing all.


11-Social Media Jobs

This Jobs is usually good for people who has really good followers or social media experience that may help other and do advertisement for other companies or sites,  if you have good experience on it you may help companies for their social media .


12-Stock & Forex Trading

Investing and trading on stock need a background and experience,  you can learn from YouTube for free to start this job but you need to invest like any business at the first by using your money inside it, i do not have much experience you may explorer more by google things about it or just search on YouTube.



after all my experience every job you need put your time and need to try for it, but before doing it little check others experience and comments to not loss your time on it, if jobs not take your time you may try them and just little your day time not all , focus on learning things to help you for your job and business .

and always remember nothing is easy specially earning money,

Thank you for reading my experience. will be happy to exchange your experience on comment blow to help people.

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