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What is BPI ePay Virtual MasterCard?

BPI ePay Virtual MasterCard is a virtual card specifically made for online transactions. It comes with a 16-digit card number and other information you need to complete an online transaction, such as the card number and CVC or security code. There is no money stored in theBPI ePay Virtual MasterCard–it uses the balance available in your BPI ePay account. Your virtual card has a dynamic 3-digit CVC that is valid for one-time use only. This adds an extra layer of security to your card. Your BPI ePay Virtual MasterCard can be used in MasterCard® affiliated stores.


  • BPI Account holder
  • 10 years old or above
  • Mobile number

Sign up for a BPI ePay account to get a Virtual Card

   Visit BPI ePay : https://app.bpiepay.com

    •  Sign-Up



    • Verify your email and mobile number

    • Upload your ID

    • Account Overview

more information : http://bpiepay.com/faq

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