How to beat traffic in Manila? ” Angkas” The new way of transportation.

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If you ever lived in the concrete jungle of the Philippines. You should probably embrace to the consequences that every day of your life you will be “stuck”  in middle of somewhere here in Manila. As the Government always finding a solution how to overcome this daily scenario of commuters having stuck in heavy traffic. A more efficient transportation system could solve many problems for Manila. Maybe fewer cars on the road. The silver lining to this is that there is a new push towards solving this problem.  The traditional approach to solving this problem is building more roads, and there is nothing wrong with roads, but better solutions are out there – ideas in sustainable transportation.



“Fall In love with the problem not in the solution”

-Uri Levine, co-founder of Waze.




All across Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, motor taxis have already become an accepted mode of transportation that gets hundreds of thousands of people past crazy gridlocks and jams. With about half of all vehicle sales in the country being motorbikes, we find it odd that we haven’t unleashed their potential as a transportation service for more people. – ANGKAS Blog.

If you were in a rush that’s a solution for your problem, with a very little fair. Currently, Angkas App has been used by many for daily transportation. It was easy to use just like the other transportation app. You can save time and money, and their bikers are very friendly too. You can talk to them along to your destination. See my ride video with ANGKAS.






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