Baby Shark song gone viral!!! (Pinkfong)

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As this song gone viral all over the social media sites. You can see on Facebook news feeds, tweets and in Youtube.

The Pinkfong whose produce the song, a startup educational company in Korea making song for children's.

Netizens that have played the song might suffer to LSS(last song syndrome) as the tune was a really catch up beat and easily to sung because of the easily lyrics. ┬áThe Baby Shark song is infectious. If you are weren’t to hear yet. Check it out below.





The Pinkfong song Baby Shark has 236 million view and counting and it was spreading very fast in Southeast Asia. Kpop stars also do covers of the viral song and as it reach with the Philippines, Filipino netizens create also their own covers. They have also the Baby Shark dance challenge that was gone viral now here in Philippines. Watch the video below.




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